Getting Healthy from the Inside Out

Morning Egg-wich

So often, it is too easy to reach for the nearest box of sugar laden cereal. High in calories, and quite often devoid of nutritional value, cereal can easily expand your waist line! Even cereals that appear healthy can easily be hiding all sorts of sugars and preservatives!

It’s easy to argue “I don’t have time” to make a healthy breakfast, but this recipe is quick, easy, filling, tasty, and a lot more balanced in nutritional value! I can get this made in under 5 minutes and while it’s cooking, I finish making my lunch and get it packaged up!

Very basic recipe- try adding diced bell peppers, onions, or top with tomoato to add variety! 

  • 1/3 cup egg whites
  • 2 slices low fat ham
  • low fat cheese, thin sliced
  • Thinful bun
  • 1 tbsp fat free cream cheese

Spray non-stick pan with Pam, or similar, and allow pan to heat up. Add the eggs. As they cook, fold them in to make the general size and shape of the bun. Once desired shape has been achieved, allow to cook and set for another minute or so. Using a spatula, turn the egg to cook the other side.

Add the meat to heat up. When it’s sufficiently heated up, flip over to cook the other side, add the cheese to the warmed meat and top with eggs to help melt the cheese. Also makes it easier to move to the bun!

Meanwhile, as eggs are cooking, lightly toast (if desired) the bun. Spread about 1 tablespoon of no-fat cream cheese to add a little extra flavour. Top with ham and eggs.



Nutritional value:

  • Calories 260
  • Fat 9
  • Carbs 23
  • Sugar 2
  • Protein 19.5

Different products and different amounts will change the values. These numbers were using egg whites, fat free cream cheese, soya cheese, and Weight Watchers flat roll- if you use a whole egg, regular cheese, and a different bread (english muffin, bagel, Dempster Thinful bun) the values will change.


Nutritional Value:

  • Calories 480
  • Fat 27
  • Carbs 43
  • Sugar 4
  • Protein 15


And who can order a breakfast without the hashbrown- the best part of a McDonald’s breakfast? The nutritional value of the hashbrowns is as follows: 

  • Calories 150
  • Fat 9
  • Carbs 15
  • Sugar 0
  • Protein 1

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