Getting Healthy from the Inside Out

The Sushi Experience

Sushi… gotta love sushi! Seems to be the biggest “thing” right now- sushi is no longer limited to the little sushi houses, but can be found in grocery stores everywhere! Quick and easy, fairly good for you (though can be very bad!) it’s a good option for lunch-on-the-go… but how about making it yourself?

At the suggestion of my husband, we had a sushi night at home. We went out bought the bamboo mats, nori, “proper” sushi rice, and everything we felt we would need to recreate and have some fun! So how did it turn out?

Pretty darn good!

Sushi Rice:

We decided to go with actual sushi rice, though I’m certain a short grain brown rice would have also worked. We made it as:

  • 2 cups sushi rice
  • 3 cups water
  • 6 tbsp rice vinegar

We made the rice as instructed on the back of the package: Cook rice, add vinegar, cool before using. It was VERY sticky and it was essential to use a wet paddle when spreading the rice onto the nori- we kept a dish of water and a dash of vinegar beside the rice for when we needed it. The amount of rice that was cooked up yielded 7 rolls.

The nori has one side that’s rough, and another that’s smooth. For my husband, who has tradesman hands, he found it difficult to distinguish between the two sides, but once we recognized that all the sheets faced the same way in the package, it was easier for him.

We used all the typical fillings:

  • yams 
  • cucumber
  • avacodo
  • smoked salmon
  • imitation crab
  • cream cheese

Rolling was easy with the bamboo mats… very easy, in fact! My husband was able to roll them one handed while drinking wine!

Our first sushi experience was a good one! And considering we spent $30 on all the ingredients and 2 bamboo rolling mats- with plenty of left overs for later!

Definitely will be making it again!


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