Getting Healthy from the Inside Out

Recipe for disaster?

So, I’ve designated Saturdays to be new recipe DAY… breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all brand new recipes (we’ll see how long this goes on for!) and with the new ice cream maker, both hubby and I are excited to play around with different, funky flavors! This weeks was his idea- caramel icecrem with cherry dark chocolate ripple.

My teeth are rotting just thinking about the sweetness… it’s going to be FANTASTIC!

I am somewhat basing my recipe off of others… just to make sure I don’t completely botch it up! So I started going through my Pinterest icecream recipes and found one that uses dulce de leche (pronounced [DUEL-say deh LEH-chay] based on U.S. English pronunciation)

I doubted I would be able to find that in the grocery stores, but I remember finding this recipe that turns condensed milk into caramel. If I can’t find it, I’d make my own!

I’d seen other ways to make it- on the stove top, but the warnings of exploding cans made me leery of trying it. As this used a slow cooker, I thought it was much safer- though I was still expecting to hear a gun shot it the middle of the night!

So before I went off to bed, I set up the crock pot, covered my can of condensed milk with water, and stuck it on low until the next morning.

Sorry… it’s a little dark…

Turned off the slow cooker and went off to work, letting the water and can cool daown. Got home and decided to crack it open to see if I had successfully magicked the condensed milk to caramel…

And what do you know? There be caramel!

We’re going to have some WICKED icecream tomorrow! Recipe will come! But it WON’T be healthy, I’m certain!!!


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