Getting Healthy from the Inside Out

Pink Lady

Here’s a summer option other than pop, juice, and alcohol. Light and refreshing using fresh berries and Club Soda, it’s low on calories and sugar, but nicer than plain water on a hot day!

Why Club Soda? There’s no Sucrulose or Aspratame. No artifical sweeteners or sugar alcohols. There’s no calories, carbs, or fat. It’s simply carbonated water. If it’s bad, it’s what you put into it. Yeah- this would be good with a shot of Vodka or Gin. That’s up to you! I, myself, like to have a non-alcoholic option for the summer as alcohol dehydrates you further- and if it’s hot, it’s the last thing you need!

  • 2 Strawberries, quartered and muddled
  • juice from 1/2 lime
  • lime zest (optional)
  • Club Soda

Muddle strawberries (smoosh against side of glass with a spoon) in glass. May have to muddle in a small dish and pour crushed berries and any released juice back in the glass- which is what I had to do as the glass was too tall and my spoon handles too short.

Add icecubes, juice from 1/2 lime, and top with Club Soda.

Garnish with lime zest and strawberry, if desired.


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