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Coconut Whip Cream

When I first saw the idea of using coconut milk as whip cream, the first thoughts in my head were “will this actually work?” and “How will it taste?”

For breakfast I decided to make the coconut whip cream to use with fresh tropical fruit instead of the typical maple syrup. With a can of regular coconut milk, I put it in the fridge overnight in preparation of breakie the next morning!

The next morning, I cracked open the can, and just as they said, there was a thick cream on the top of the can!

Perhaps a little too thick?!

The impression I got was that I would be able to scoop it out and whip it with vanilla and cinnamon… easily… by myself. As it was, I had to carve it out of the can and there was no way I’d be able to mix it to a smooth consistency!

So into the food processor it went! I still ended up with a few lumps, but it wasn’t unpleasant or anything!

This will be good for anything that uses “normal” whip cream… and a much more NATURAL way to add that creaminess and topping to a dessert!

DON’T THROW OUT THE SEPERATED COCONUT WATER! Try this recipe instead! (or add it to your morning shake or OJ for a tropical blend!)


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