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Pancake Molds

Who doesn’t love a little fun with their breakfast?! And what better way to start the day (especially the weekend!) than with pancakes!? One of our favorite things on Saturday mornings, when I saw these molds, I thought “HOW FUN!” and decided to pick them up!

For the most part, they worked really well… they were non-stick, so even though I neglected to grease them, the pancake batter didn’t stick too bad!

The hardest part was filling the molds… The flower was definitely easier to fill. The upper right part of the heart was quite difficult and took a little bit to get the batter into that upper area.

It’s possible the batter was a little too thick, as it didn’t want to spread. When I flipped them, you could see where the batter was added. I’m certain it’s a combination of skill and thickness. As well, because the batter was thicker, they were needed to be filled more to get them in all the areas- so when the batter expanded, the “braces” were sometimes encompassed into the batter.


However, they were fun and the issues were likely mine!

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